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What is Salone Talk?

Salone Talk is a low-cost alternative to calling Sierra Leone. It is a great way to stay connected with friends and family in Sierra Leone. Salone Talk offers the lowest rates and the best connection quality for all your calls. Sign up for Salone Talk today and begin saving money on your calls home.

Where can I purchase?

All purchases from Salone Talk can be made online.

How do I place an international phone call to Sierra Leone?

Dialing From Registered Phone Number(s) - Pinless Dialing:

1.  Dial UK +44 203 307 0800 / +44 203 307 0601 or USA +1 443 4192064
2.  The system will automatically recognise your phone number - There is no PIN required!
3.  After balance prompt;
   - Enter 00232 + phone number.
   - To make another call, do not hang up, press **, then repeat step 3 above.

Dialing From Non-Registered Number(s):

1.  Dial UK +44 203 307 0800 / +44 203 307 0601 or USA +1 443 4192064
2.  At the prompt, enter the ten digit pin number.
3.  After balance prompt;
   - Enter 00232 + phone number.
   - To make another call, do not hang up, press **, then repeat step 3 above.

Does my mobile / wireless carrier charge me for the time used to place international calls made through Salone Talk?

Yes. You always incur your mobile / wireless carrier's applicable charges whenever you make a call. You receive discounted rates when placing international calls using Salone Talk.

How can I use speed dial to make things easy?

The speed dial function is available to registered customers only and is used to allocate a short single digit number (i.e. 0,1,2,3,...,9) to any telephone number. When prompted for a telephone number, you can then enter your speed dial number followed by the # key.

Will I ever get a busy signal when I call the Salone Talk Access Number?

No, you will not get a busy signal when you call the Salone Talk Access Number. We have a state-of-the-art digital switching system that will recognise your phone and automatically gives you a dial tone whenever you call.

Do I need to dial a PIN number to place a call?

Yes, you do need a 10 digit PIN when accessing the Salone Talk calling card service to place a call. Only registered customers do not need to use the 10 digit PIN. When a registered user dials the Salone Talk access number our system recognises that they are a registered customer and automatically provides access.

What should I do if I have any questions or difficulties placing a call?

Please contact our Customer Support Team at support@salonetalk.com or call +44 208 920 5274, whenever you have questions or experience difficulty.

Can I use the Salone Talk Service from a prepaid phone?

Yes, you can use Salone Talk from any phone or carrier from within the UK.


Is there a monthly fee?

There is no monthly fee required.

Are the rates the same 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

Yes, you get the same low rates no matter when you call.

Are there minimum usage requirements to get these rates?

No. Salone Talk offers the lowest rates regardless of your usage level.

Why do some countries have a higher rate to call a mobile phone within that country?

In some countries mobile users do not pay to receive a call on their mobile phone. This is known as calling party pays. Mobile carriers therefore charge more to the calling party to connect the call.

Can I get the same rates calling from my home phone?

Yes, with Salone Talk you dial the access number and then enter a 10 digit pin number. You can enjoy the same low international calling rates from your home phone.

Is there a connection fee for every call?

No, Salone Talk does not have any connection fees associated with this product.

How much communication fee will I be charged?

Salone Talk applies no additional communication fees.


How do I sign up?

Follow the steps listed on the homepage to signup to Salone Talk. All new orders must come through the website, unless you want to purchase via a reseller.

Does Salone Talk work with all Mobile Carriers?

Yes. Simply register to use the Service and start making your calls.

How quickly can I begin using the service after registration?

If you are a new customer, then your account will be activated immediately after order processing. You will be notified via email when your account is active and ready to use.

Can I change my account information after signing up?

Yes, you can always change or update your account information by logging into your Salone Talk account.


What payment methods are offered?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, along with debit cards and ATM cards that have a Visa or MasterCard logo. Payment is via Paypal.

How do you protect my credit card information?

The information submitted on our web site is protected by the highest level of industry-standard SSL encryption. All of the credit card or checking account information received is then encrypted a second time and stored on our secure billing servers.

What do I do if I have a question or problem with the way I have been charged?

You may contact our billing department or call our Customer Support Team on +44 208 920 5274  to assist you with any billing issues that you may have

Can I cancel Service at any time?

Yes, you can cancel anytime without a penalty. Simply stop using the product and we will stop charging you.

How do I get a refund?

You can only receive a refund if the calling card has a full balance and the purchase, indentified by the batch number, was made in the past 90 days. Please contact our Customer Support Team on +44 208 920 5274  and a representative will assist you.


Can I use Salone Talk from anywhere in the UK?

Yes, you can use Salone Talk anytime and from anywhere in the UK.

Can I use Salone Talk from any phone I want?

You can use Salone Talk from any phone. If you have registered your phone with us you can dial the access number and place your call. If you have not registered your number dial the access number, enter your pin number, and place your call.

Can I use Salone Talk to call any country in the world?

Salone Talk offers Service to call over 200 countries around the world. For a detailed list of our call charges to all other international destinations click here.

Contact Support

How do I contact general support?

Please contact us by email; info@salonetalk.com.