• Dis Nar We Yone!!

Founded and led by fellow Sierra Leoneans

Founded and led by fellow Sierra Leoneans who are highly experienced telecommunication solutions professionals, Salone Talk was launched in 2011 and is a calling card service offering calls to Sierra Leone at cheaper rates.

Salone Talk provides a personal solution for Sierra Leoneans to stay in touch with family and friends in Sierra Leone through the use of their landlines and mobiles avoiding the costly international bills. We also strive to deliver a personal, flexible and efficient service, allowing us to go the extra mile to provide the quality of service you expect and establish long term relationships.


Salone Talk is owned and operated by Salone Talk ( Sierra Leone ) Limited. Salone Talk ( Sierra Leone ) Limited has its operations based in Freetown and is registered as a Limited Company in Sierra Leone. The Salone Talk management team benefits from over 25 years telecoms & IT experience at senior level, with key members having played a major role in building some of Europe's largest communications & IT companies.