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Become a Salone Talk Web-Based Affiliate

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Who is a Web-Based Affiliate

A web-based affiliate is an individual or business, who will promote Salone Talk calling cards online via the website.

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How does the program work

A web-based affiliate must promote their specific sign up URL; clients who sign up with this URL will be assigned to the reseller. All commission due will be payable to the reseller on a monthly basis.

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Where do I get a sign up URL

Web-based affiliates must sign up online as an reseller, then you will be issued with a specific sign-up URL, which you will then promote / market to your friends / family.

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What's in it for me

● Earn up to 10% commission.
● Recurring commission on all future sales.
● Ability to see performance reports.
● Support & marketing material provided.

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Register Now

To begin earning an additional and recurring income, register to become a Salone Talk web-based affiliate agent today, click here.

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Other type of Reseller

If being a web-based affiliate is not the type of reseller you would like to be, take a look at our Independent Reseller program.